Usually, before repainting, surfaces should be cleaned in preparation for the new paint layers. This also applies to doors. It is imperative that you clean your doors before painting.

Door in a white room
Door Painting Project, Gold Standard Painting

Why Clean Doors Before Painting?

It only makes sense. Properly preparing a certain surface before painting and the right painting technique will produce a long-lasting finish. The results will be even better if you do this with the right tools and quality materials.

This principle is true when repainting walls, floors, and even doors. You don't want to leave grime and dirt under that new layer of paint. Eventually, the imperfections will show up. So why not start with proper preparation? Having said that, you need to clean your doors before repainting them. Here are some tips for DIY doors that look professionally repainted.

Take it off Its Hinges

Door, Painted by Gold Standard painting

Remove dirt, grease, and oils

Again, you need to clean your doors before repainting. This means making sure it's free of dirt and grime. Use a degreaser and clean rag if the door is very greasy. Dirt and grime will only ruin that new layer of paint. So put on your goggles and gloves as you use that mild TSP solution to remove dirt. Allow the door to dry completely.

Smoothly sand and Prepare the Surface Well

After the door has dried, use 180-grit sandpaper to smooth away bumps and chipped paint. After that use a damp rag to dust off the door. When the door is clean and dry, wipe a deglosser on the door. Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions. After this, you are ready to paint away.

Keep the door flat on a chair or sawhorse while painting and allow the first side to dry. Once the first side is completely dry you can then paint the other side. Do not forget to clean your brushes after painting as you might need them for a different painting project or other doors.


This only shows that simply painting over a door is not enough. The newly applied paint may make it look brand new instantly but without proper preparation, it will not last long. Not even the best quality and most expensive paint could last long if it was painted over dust, grime, grease and chipped paint. When old chipped paint starts falling off, it can take the new paint layer down with it.

You would want your door to look new, so clean your doors before painting. Since you will be spending time and effort be sure to do it right.

Doing the right preparation: cleaning and priming, along with quality materials and paint, will definitely pay off. The result will be no less than a door that looks like a professional had done an excellent paint job. In turn, good-looking doors increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. This is the reason why you should clean your doors before painting. For a FREE consultation on your paint projects, contact Andrew at 651-336-7876 or visit